Growing saffron crocus is no more difficult than cultivating any other crop. As a starting point, we need to make sure that the land we have is suitable for the purpose. The most suitable are the southern solar terrains with a slight slope. For more details, read section * Cultivation / Terrain *.


How much land do you need?

The next step is to determine how much land do you need and whether you can handle its cultivation. It would be good to allocate at least 500 square meters, the equivalent of half a decare. In this case, you can handle it yourself without being helped. If the area is larger, it will be necessary to hire people at certain points of the process, such as harvesting and preparing the stigmas for drying. These processes are done manually and are not subject of mechanization. Of course, larger areas bring more profits, but the costs at the start and the commitment are also greater. Everything depends on your desire and capabilities.


What costs to expect?

Now is the time to decide whether you will handle the necessary costs. Detailed calculations can be found on our site under the * Calculation * section. There you will find the calculations for different types of bulbs and sizes of terrains and how much money you will need for them. When you’re done choosing, place an order on our site in the * pricing and shopping * section and we’ll get back to you and guide you through the step-by-step process.

The information related to the entire process is very detailed in the * cultivation * section of our site. From planting the bulbs to obtaining the final product for sale you will have to wait up 4 to 5 months. When you already have a finished product but you can not find a way to sell it, you have the opportunity to do it directly with us and get your money off the sale right away. To learn about the terms and conditions that your product needs to meet to benefit from this service, check out our * Buy * section on our site.


Propagation of bulbs

Bulbs can stay in the plot for up to 4 years. During these years, you do not have any more expenses, except for labor / if you do not process the land by yourself / and fertilizers. At the fourth year the bulbs are removed and planted again. You will have a large number of bulbs, which will remain because they multiply over the years. You can sell them or plant them on another terrain.

We are available for any questions. In the inquiry section of our site you can fill in the form and ask the question you are interested in. We’ll get back to you soon.